About Me

My name is Beth Wood, I was raised in Northamptonshire, but now reside in Gloucestershire.

I am what you call, the definition of a extra-introvert. In the day, I work for a recruitment company, speaking to as many clients as I can, and being a cheerleader for getting people to go to work.
Once I am back from work, I am the antitheist of what it means to be social. I want to sit on the couch, watch TV, eat food, or play computer games. I am an extremely average aged twenty-something, selfie taking, social media addict, who is just a disgruntled, and thoughtful as everyone else.

It was way too windy for it to be 35 degrees celsius.

So why have I made this website?

I am an advocate for raising awareness for a lot of things. I am the child of two diagnosed alcoholics. I am adopted. I have previously suffering from mental health issues. I was bullied. I have loved, lost, and loved again. I have had to grow up early, but I’ve also been able to live life freely, and I am now living my best life. My point? That just like you, I have had a lot of struggle, but this website is about opening up, and using my voice to talk about topics honestly. This will also be a blog where I talk about good things, and hopefully put a smile on your face.

This isn’t a blog about me, this is a blog about life.